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Established in 1994, Heritage Tree Care is a Queensland based holistic, tree, plant and soil, health care company. Heritage Tree Care is dedicated to the health, maintenance, conservation and restoration of the urban landscape. We are a 100% organic company focused on sustainability and preservation and strive to maintain the highest standards of Arboriculture to bring you the utmost in tree care and land management. Our Level 3 to 5 Arborists are fully trained to ensure quality workmanship.

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  • icon Brisbane Tree Removal: 5 Things You Must Know

Damage can be caused from mismanaged or incorrectly pruned trees (otherwise known as Tree Lopping.) Brisbane has beautiful urban and natural landscapes and proactive and preventative measures are important to increasing the longevity of its trees. Many uninformed homeowners resort to attempting to lop their own trees or hire inexperienced companies to do the job, both of which can cause a wide array of issues. Lopping, or randomly cutting down parts of a tree should be avoided as it can be a harmful and damaging practise. The best alternative, is to engage the services of a reputable and qualified Brisbane Arborist.

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Removing a tree is one of the most complicated landscaping jobs you can attempt to take on by yourself. Due to the dangers involved and the high chance you could injure yourself, it’s highly recommended that you use someone who has experience removing trees. If you’re looking to learn more about Brisbane tree removal techniques, you should contact your local Arborist. 

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  • Very happy with HTC, had you out a few times and impressed each time with the work done. Your quality of service on site and over the phone is excellent. Finding trades and businesses to do work is quite stressful so I thank you for being so reliable and honest and making it so hassle free! See you again soon. S. Alderdice Read More
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