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Brisbane Tree Lighting

Creating Magical Trees With Lights


Have you ever been out in Brisbane CBD at night and been amazed by the large Fig trees covered in fairy lights? They look amazing, illuminate the darkness and create an incredible feature that transforms a dark urban environment into an exciting wonderland!

Examples can be seen in many of Brisbane’s more prominent business centres and popular night spots with one really great example found as you enter the Botanic Gardens adjacent to the goodwill bridge but there might be some things you don’t know about this great way to utilize our urban forest.

Brisbane City Council support this type of bud light installation and applications can be made to gain a permit to install this type of feature in other street trees throughout the Brisbane City Council environment. To find out more about eligibility for applications and locations visit the Brisbane City Council website which offers all the important information needed.


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 Light Up Your Garden


But it’s not just street trees that can be used in this way, trees in private residential gardens can be turned into amazing features by installing bud lighting, and often there is no need to obtain a permit to get this done!

There are a few simple rules that need to be followed to ensure safety and to prevent causing any damage to the trees, but you too can turn that feature tree into a magical space, whether it’s for a one-off event or party, or just to transform your outdoor space for regular enjoyment or lighting purposes, the possibilities are endless.

It is important to ensure that correct lighting is used in this manner which must be extra-low voltage (not exceeding 50V AC or 120V ripple free DC) and must be properly installed and maintained but providing you follow some simple rules the process is easy.

Lighting must be installed in a manner which does not cause any physical damage to the trees and which allows the trees to grow so definitely NO screws, stables, cable ties or inflexible bands as these are all detrimental to the tree. A combination of flexible attachment materials such as limited winding of light strings, Velcro and UV resistant insulation tape are all non-invasive and cost-effective ways of attaching the lights to the tree.


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Maintaining Tree Light Features


Light strings should also be attached to no branches less than 50 mm diameter. This ensures that branches are strong enough to support the lights, and growth rates should be slower in these branches which will ultimately reduce the amount of maintenance required.

And yes, maintenance is required to ensure your new tree feature stays in good working order and in harmony with your valuable tree asset. Regular inspections should be done to make sure the lights remain in good working order and to check for any broken branches in the tree. Loose bark may gather under the wires and this should be removed to keep the tree looking tidy and attractive and every 2-3 years you should expect the lighting to need replacing as exposure to the harsh Brisbane weather deteriorates the light strings over time.

It is also worth noting that in some situations there may be curfews to consider to ensure that the new lighting does not unreasonably impact surrounding residential areas and adjacent properties, but with a little homework the magical fairy garden of dreams is just around the corner…..or right outside the back door!!

With all the necessary know how, and with a fleet of equipment, cherry pickers and qualified Arborists Heritage Tree Care can accommodate all your tree lighting needs from assessment, supply, installation and maintenance we are the tree care specialists that can transform your urban tree into an illuminated night umbrella!

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More Information


For more information contact the AQF Level 5 Arborists at Heritage Tree Care to discuss how this can be applied to your feature tree and check these awesome examples that can be seen in public and private spaces throughout the Brisbane area!

For all your Tree Care needs, call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155444 or email sales@heritagetreecare.com.au for a free, no-obligation quote, our qualified Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.