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At Heritage Tree Care, we understand how important soil health is to Plant Health Care as poor soil health is the foremost cause of tree decline.  By building healthy soils we build strong, resilient trees. Our highly qualified and experienced Agronomist (Soil Scientist) works closely with the Consultancy team and enables them to provide a complete care package for trees from the ground upwards.  We can provide affordable solutions to any Plant Health Care issue and use a variety of diagnostic tools, methods, technology and expertise to ensure the best outcomes are inevitable.


We Diagnose and Support:

  • Declining Trees
  • Trees at Risk from Pests and Disease
  • Protect High Value Trees from Risk and Improve Overall Vitality and Health.



Andrew McLennan Heritage Tree Care


Soil Health Services:

  • Soil Testing
  • Soil Mineral Balancing
  • Soil Microbial Activity Assessment
  • Soil Health Assessments
  • Tree Health Assessments
  • Improve Soil Health to Prevent Decline of Trees.
  • Forensic Investigation of Contaminated Tree Sites.
  • Tree Transplant Support
  • Whole Park Plant Health Care Support
  • Water Analysis
  • Biological Soil Health Management
  • Customise Plant Health Care Management Programs
  • Compost Teas (Custom Microbial Brewing and Inoculation)
  • Decompaction/ Remediation and Injections
  • Mycorrhizae Inoculums
  • Nutritional Support, Soil Drenches, Soil Injections, Foliar Feeding
  • Plant Stimulants
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Customised Soil Microbial Inoculations
  • Pest and Disease Management, Integrated Pest and Disease Management
  • Investigate Chemically Impacted Trees
  • Stubble and Thatch Digestion Sprays
  • Investigation of Trees in Decline
  • Proactive Assessment of High Value Trees
  • Reporting and Remediation Strategies
  • Plant Leaf Analysis
  • Full soil and Trees Diagnostics
  • Monitorinf Plant Health Care Outcomes


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