Integrated Tree Management System (ITMS)

What is it?

This innovative software is a comprehensive and interactive Arboricultural management system developed by Heritage Tree Care to track the care, maintenance and management of trees.  It ensures that tree keepers are compliant with their ‘duty of care’ in relation to their valuable tree assets. The system focuses specifically on risk management and ultimately reducing long-term tree management costs.

It is easy to use and encompasses everything required to ensure the obligations as tree keeper are met.  These include tree inspections and assessments; documentation of information and tree mapping; implementation of management strategies and remedial works; scheduling of maintenance programs; budgeting and forecasting of future asset management costs.


Tree Risk Management

Key Benefits:


Unique Login

  • Each client receives a unique login plus employee logins at request. This will provide access to all tree information related to the site.  Various levels of access can be provided.


Overview of the Tree Population or Tree Assets

  • Overview will include dynamic data that can be filtered to assist in budgeting and tree management.  This will also include dynamic pie charts and graphs.


No Restrictions

  • The ITMS system can be applied to an individual or large population of trees without a limit on the number of assets that can be incorporated into the system.
  • There are no restrictions in relation to the number of sites that can be incorporated into the active management system enabling a comprehensive approach for property managers responsible for multiple urban settings.


Initial Tree Survey

  • The initial tree survey will detail relevant information regarding trees including species; dimensions; health; structure; life expectancy; growing conditions, allocated areas and targets present.  All trees are tagged with a unique number and scannable barcode.  Each tree will be GPS surveyed.


Risk Assessment

  • Each Risk Assessment is undertaken by a qualified AQF level 5 Arborist using the International Society of Arboriculture methodology, UTA . A Risk Rating is allocated to each tree as well as an overall risk rating applied to the site.


Quote Request Function

  • It can generate quote requests and work orders based on selected data and budget.


Online Assess

  • Integrated Tree Management System (ITMS) is easily accessible online and is integrated with Google Maps.



  • It provides an unlimited ability to build custom modules and fields including carbon scores, canopy mapping as well as automatic DFX files to allow for integration into CAD software and manage ongoing development around trees.


Highly Qualified and Experienced Consulting Arborists

  • All tree inspections and assessments are carried out by Arborists with a minimum Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 5 in Arboriculture and with a minimum of 5 years’ field experience with specific focus on the assessment of tree hazards and risks.
  • All Arborists are certified under the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) system. This ensures that a minimum standard of assessment is consistently applied to all  Tree Management Plans.


Online Arboriculture Library

  • Client access to an online Arboriculture Library which includes Literature, Glossary of Terms, Standards, Legislation etc.



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