Porous Paving

What is Porous Paving?

Also known as Permeable Paving, fundamentally porous paving is a paving type product that allows air and water to flow through itself and allow water to soak into the soils.

Protecting our city tree beds from compaction by vehicles and pedestrian is important for the long terms sustainable growth of our urban street tree population. Many types of porous paving has been used around tree beds for many years as a tool for protecting the root zones. Heritage Tree Care has built upon the various industry available products and undertaken extensive research and innovation to offer these as part of our ongoing service line to all our customer base.

By using porous (permeable) paving we significantly reduce the water shed run off from hard stand areas and enable the trees to utilise the water within their root systems. Normally urban rain event water flows over concrete footpaths and roads pick up contaminates and fine silty debris, permeable paving enables this contaminated water to be absorbed into the soils and reduces these from flowing into our creeks.

Unfortunately with the increased use of impervious surfaces such as concrete etc in our urban environment we are now facing considerable pressure with our ability to remove rain fall downpours via the city storm water systems.  Many of the natural soils have become blocked by concrete capping and have lost the ability to retain moisture.  The majority of our over land water shed from footpaths by pass our urban tree beds and wash straight down into the roads etc.

By utilising porous paving we can significant reduce the effects of surface flooding by enabling the tree beds, footpaths and driveways  to capture and retain moisture for which the tree can utilise for its growth and well being.


Porous paving can be used for a variety of water management objectives to:

  • Reduce peak storm water discharges from paved areas.
  • Increase groundwater recharge.
  • Improve storm water quality.
  • Reduce the area of land dedicated solely to storm water management.



Porous Paving SEQ



Porous Paving is:

  • Cheaper to manufacture and install than traditional paving.
  • Environmentally friendly made from either 100% recycled Rubber or Tree Mulch.
  • Long lasting with no maintenance required.
  • Flexibility of products depending on location.
  • Suitable to use around trees as its flexibility moves with tree roots.


Our Products

  • Arbor Pave: Rubber Stone Porous Paving. Flexible moves with tree roots, is load bearing. Suitable for any outside space.
  • Arbor Flex: Rubberised Porous Paving – Suitable for tree surrounds- flexible and dynamic
  • Perma Mulch: Organic Mulch Porous PavingNon load bearing, dynamic can absorb up to 100 Litres of water. Suitable for gardens, parks and around trees.
  • Stone Porous Paving: Suitable for roads and car parks, is load bearing.

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