Soil Decompaction

Soil Decompaction and Agronomy Services in Brisbane.

Heritage Tree Care is delighted to offer Soil Decompaction services to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to the common problem of compacted soil in South East Queensland. A cutting-edge portable soil injector will aerate the soils while simultaneously injecting nutrients and fertilizer deep into the ground to improve the overall condition and health of the soil.


This service is suitable for compacted soil:

  • Around trees
  • In parks
  • Sports grounds
  • Gardens


Declining Trees


Unfortunately, compacted soil is one of the most common causes of declining trees, the reason for this is:

  • Soil that is compacted does not allow water to filter downwards into the ground.
  • Soil compaction in tree root zones will obstruct the growth and vigor of trees and shrubs.
  • Water-logging caused by soil compaction suffocates micro-organisms and roots.
  • Prolonged lack of water leads to drought stress which in turn leads to inevitable decline.


Benefits of Soil Decompaction


Heritage Tree Care’s state of the art soil decompaction service will:

  • Reduce soil compaction.
  • Reduce the likelihood of re compaction.
  • Stimulate tree root growth through the improvement of soil structure and aeration.
  • Drain waterlogged soils to reactivate natural biological processes in the soil
  • Increase soil moisture retention with water retaining granules,
  • Improve soil nutrition.
  • Enhance plant performance with organic bio stimulates and mycorrhizal inoculation.



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