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Ficus Obligua

 Heritage Plant Health Care Nurse Ficus Obliqua Back to Health



Twelve months ago, the Heritage Plant Health Care team consisting of Andrew McLennan, Daniel  Oaten and Katia Plouznikoff  were tasked with the job of saving a Ficus obliqua  fig tree located in Cypress Avenue, Gold Coast by Gold Coast City Council.  The tree is growing  in the middle of what was a  Light Rail Compound construction site and is also regularly used for storage during the Grand Prix and therefore the ground was not in optimum condition for a tree to thrive and survive.  Unfortunately on first inspection the team realised that the fig tree was in severe decline with only 40% canopy cover and without immediate steps to try and improve its environment then it would continue to rapidly decline and ultimately not survive .  The damage was from human impact, extreme water and mineral stress and it was overloaded with Hoop Pine Mulch which was at least 300ml too deep.


A Comprehensive Tree Health Plan of Attack.


After the initial inspection of the tree, with soil samples and other measurements taken from around the tree,the team drew up a comprehensive plan to tackle the decline from below the ground upwards in order to give this beautiful tree a chance of survival.  It was not going to be a ‘quick fix’ but patience and dedication were required along with a strong knowledge soil and microbiology.

Over the next twelve months the Plant Health Care team used a combination of methods to aid the trees return to health. These included:

  • Vertical coring
  • Soil Decompaction using our VOGT at depth
  • Injection of carbon soil amendments to improve the water holing capacity and mineral storage and to provide a home for soil micro- biology.
  • Monthly watering containing a customized mineral supplement to slowly restore tree health.


Looking Towards the Future and Continued Improvement of Tree Health.


The tree canopy coverage is now at sixty percent and the aim of the Heritage Tree Care Plant Health team is to get it up to ninety to one hundred percent coverage over the next six months.  The final stage of remediation is to improve the root zone activity and soil water capture by drilling cores 1.5m out from the plant bed into the bitumen carpark.  This will provide access for deep decompaction of the soil injection of soil amendments.  These access points in the bitumen carpark will be capped with a permeable rubber stone called ArborPave Plus to allow stormwater run-off from the car park into the access points which will  improve the soil volume for the tree roots to explore.  Look out for an update in six months time where hopefully this beautiful tree will have regained full health and vitality.


Ficus Obliqua fig tree

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