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Moving with the Tree Times

Sometimes Arborists are faced with tree care issues that can stump them, often solutions can be found by thinking ‘outside of the box’ and using out of the ordinary techniques to ensure the best care and outcome for trees and their surrounding areas. There are firm theories underpinning the science of Arboriculture and many years of experienced Arborists passing down their knowledge of trees and tree care practices to up and coming apprentices. Like any modern industry, Arboriculture is constantly advancing its techniques along with technology, using the technological advancements to improve the service provided and outcomes for the environment.

Qualified and experienced Arborists do not simply remove trees without a sound reason such as severe damage that causes a risk hazard to people or property, untreatable disease or that the tree is already dying or dead.  A knowledgeable Arborist would never advise lopping a tree as this causes long term issues and damage to the tree.  Trees should be assessed with safety at the forefront at all times. It is important that Arborist have the foresight and expertise  to look for problems that a tree may face in years to come and seek remediation before the potential problem becomes a reality.


A Case Study

Heritage Tree Care were recently tasked by Ipswich City Council to come up with a solution to a potential problem they had with a magnificent mature Fig Tree in the beautiful Queen’s Park in Ipswich, QLD.  The huge Heritage Fig tree is located at a prime spot at the entrance to the park, however its enormous lower limbs are horizontal and carry the risk of fracturing during a severe storm. They needed to come up with a solution of how best to support the limbs in a storm without touching the tree in day to day calm weather.


Steel Props

After much deliberation, it was decided to fabricate steel props that would be placed in the ground underneath the limbs and gently support and cradle them without touching the bark.  This would ensure that the limbs could move naturally, encouraging future strength, however, in the event of a storm the steel props would prevent the limbs from being moved too severely and eliminate the risk of a severe fracture or breakage.  The support cradles can also be adjusted and lowered in the years to come as the tree continues to grow and the gap between cradle and tree reduces.

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Vacuum Excavation

The holes for the steel props were carefully dug out using Vacuum Excavation and a specially designed wand, this ensured that the tree’s roots were not damaged during the dig.  Vacuum Excavation is ideal for digging around trees as the highly pressured water washes away the soil but the water pressure is modifiable and light enough so that it does not damage the Cambium layer of the tree roots.  The steel footings were then concreted into the holes.


This timely innovation for the Heritage Fig tree in Ipswich will likely prevent future problems from occurring and is an excellent example of how trees can be managed and potential problems overcome so that they can continue to provide all the wonderful environmental and health benefits for years to come.


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