Landscapers and Arborists Working Together in SEQ for the Best Result.

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Hiring a Landscaper

According to HiPages, ‘Professional landscapers have become an integral part of the home improvement sector’ and their skills should be utilised in ‘Construction, Design, Hardscaping, Irrigation and creating Physical Features.’  Like professional arborists, landscapers need to be qualified, experienced, trained in health and safety and highly skilled at their job.  Landscapers are hired to improve the outside areas of homes and commercial properties, increasing the aesthetics of the area and often the value of the property.  As with any outside spaces in nature, trees are often a significant part of the landscape and so it is important to use a landscaping company who has qualified Arborists on their team or else separately hire a professional aboricultural company to collaborate with the landscapers and perform the tree work.

Are Landscapers and Arborists Skills Interchangeable?

Landscapers and Arborists’ skill sets are quite unique and are non-interchangeable. When hiring a landscaper it may seem like you will save money and time by saving to asking them to also carry put any required any tree work such as tree pruning, tree removal or ‘tree lopping’. However unless your Landscaper is a certified and experienced Arborist, It is unlikely that they will have the skills or equipment need to perform any complicated or quality tree work without any potential  damage to property and creation of safety hazards.
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Why Should You Always Hire a Qualified Arborist for Tree Work?

There are numerous reasons to use qualified Arborists for all your tree work:

  1. Arborists specialise in tree plant care- they are trained to identify tree species and know exactly how each type of tree should be care for. They will be able to identify any health issues or hazards that may be caused by the tree and offer affordable solutions to any problems.
  2. For straight forward tree work such as tree trimming or tree pruning, qualified Arborists are trained to prune to Australian standards which is the optimum pruning levels for trees. Badly pruned trees are much more likely to become diseased, be prone to pest infestation, lose limbs in bad weather, fail to thrive and eventually they may die and need to be removed.
  3. Using Arborists to look after your tree work will save money in the long run as if trees are well maintained they will need less money spent on them in the future on tree doctoring or in worst case scenarios, tree removal.
  4. A professional arboricultural company will have the correct and well maintained machinery and equipment to do the tree work safely and to high standards. Tree work machinery such as chainsaws and chippers are extremely dangerous and it is important that anyone operating much be fully qualified and experienced
  5. They will be fully and comprehensively insured to carry out the work on your property.
  6. Arborists will have knowledge of VPO’s and Heritage trees and be able to advise on whether permission will be required from the council to do any tree work. Trees that have VPO’s require qualified Arborists to carry out the work in order to reach the standard of tree care that the council require. Professional companies will also often employ a level 5 qualified Consulting Arborist, who can identify any issues, write reports and oversee any complicated tree work.
  7. Trees are an extremely valuable asset and are very visible on your property and therefore should be at the forefront of any landscaping budget. Using an Arborist to manage your trees in a landscaping project will make any decisions required regarding your trees much clearer as they can explain what is required and helpyou to manage your budget to include tree work by qualified Arborists.


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Landscapers and Arborists Working Together For A Great Result.

Although it is recommended that qualified and professional Arborists perform tree work, it is perfectly possible for Landscapers and Arborists to work closely together and collaborate to improve the overall quality of the project results from the turf to the tree tops!  For more landscaping ideas that will increase the value of your property see here.

For Expert Tree Knowledge Always Hire a Professional Tree Company

For all your Tree Care needs and to speak to a Level 5 Qualified Consulting Arborist, call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155444 or email for a free, no obligation quote and our qualified and experienced Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Toowoomba and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.