National Book Week- Celebrating Literature and Trees.

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dress up as whomping willow

To Tree or Not to Tree is that the Question?

With National Book Week upon us once again, parents around Australia are scrambling to find a suitable costume for their little ones to wear to their school, kindy or playgroup.  Perhaps you are a fan of Pinterest and enjoy going to a great effort to make your child a homemade masterpiece, or maybe you prefer to nip to the shops or shop online and buy a bargain ‘wizard’ or ‘fairy’ costume then find a book to match?  Or you are simply time poor, have a million other things to do, so put them in old clothes, a bit of mud and voila it’s Oliver Twist?   Whatever costume you or your child chooses, the character should be well-known enough so that everyone can work out who your child is supposed to be and even if it is a little obscure, that more importantly, your child looks very pleased to be wearing it!

dress up as a tree for bookweek

Have You Thought About a Tree Costume?

Your child dressed as a tree may not a natural first choice for book week, however, there are plenty of excellent and compelling reasons why a tree should be celebrated.

  • Trees are important characters and at the heart of quite a few literary classics.
  • Trees are symbolic of nature and for centuries have represented many themes such a rebirth, power, immortality, family that are present in a wealth of literature.
  • Trees are also emblematic of childhood and evoke happy memories for people, climbing trees, tyre swings or just sitting under the canopy shade reading a book.
  • Books are printed on paper which is made out of trees- adding conversational layers and a clever twist to the costume! (We’ll ignore the rise of digital media here.)


How to Make a Simple Tree Costume:

Tree costumes can be as simple or as complicated as you desire them to be. A quick glance at Pinterest or Youtube and you will find many simple guides depending on your time, levels of crafting expertise or inclination.  Dress your child in brown clothes for the trunk, then gather up some leafy branches for them to carry or fashion a trunk and branches out of cardboard, paper leaves and encourage your child to wile away the hours colouring paper leaves green and developing their glue stick skills.  You can find some ideas here.


Book week tree ideas

Famous Trees in Books

Trees feature in so many famous books but here are just a few ideas to think about:

The Whomping Willow

Perhaps your child is a Harry Potter fan and instead of being one of the many Harry’s or Hermione’s parading at book week, could they be the infamous Whomping Willow that is planted in the grounds of Hogwarts? A strong, protective and determined character with slightly violent tendencies, the Whomping Willow would make a good talking point for students and teachers.

The Magic Faraway Tree

A childhood classic by Enid Blyton where siblings Jo, Bessie and Fanny, climbed the Magic Faraway Tree to enter different worlds and interact with the characters who lived within the tree.


This lovely storybook by Julia Donaldson, tells a tale of the Stickman who is lost from his stick family and goes on an adventure in a bid to return home to his family and tree home at Christmas time.

Tree Beard – Lord of the Rings

This character is purported to be the oldest creature in Middle Earth and although these talking tree-like creatures are not the most pleasant characters in literary history, they would be a fun dress up for older kids.

Send Us A Photo

If your child does decide to celebrate National Book Week as a tree please send us a photo, we would love to see them.

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