Edging and Under Planting Solutions

Edging and Under Planting Solutions

We are now offering a range of garden bed edging and under planting solutions to suit any budget, space and climate.  The edging and planting are low maintenance and will improve the aesthetics of the chosen area. The products used to create the edging are environmentally friendly and can either blend into the area or become a feature.


Edging Styles

The Heritage Tree Care team works closely with the client to provide a variety of Tree and Garden Bed Edging materials to suit the environment, budgets and vision.

These include:

  • Wooden Edging: Using recycled, treated hard wood, milled to the correct thickness and length this edging solution gives a natural look.
  • Porous Edging: Rubberised Porous Edging is suitable for tree surrounds, is flexible and dynamic and will significantly reduce the water shed run off from hard stand areas and enable the trees to utilise the water within their root systems.
  • Concrete Edging : This traditional solution is hard wearing, cost-effective and low maintenance.
  • Steel Edging: In an urban setting this hard wearing, low- maintenance edging can look very aesthetically pleasing.



Planting Styles

The trick to successful under-planting is choosing the correct plants to suit the climate, design and budget. Clients can choose from a variety of tried and tested suitable plants . The four main classes of under-planting plants should be:

  • Tropical
  • Native
  • Hardy
  • Drought- Tolerant

Depending on the area to be under planted, other design elements can be included into the design creating a stylish but environmentally friendly area . These include:

  • Wooden bollards
  • Porous Paving
  • Decorative stone
  • Artwork such as wooden totem poles

Heritage Tree Care takes great pride in the design and installation of Edging and Under Planting. With our extensive knowledge of plants and soil and the best way in which to have them both perform, we guarantee satisfaction. Making sure that your new plants have the best start possible in life is essential to prevent problems or even death in the future. With an eye for detail and aesthetics, let us help you install the landscape of your dreams.

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