Habitat Creation

Habitat creation, design and restoration are becoming increasingly important, both for development sites and non-development sites.   Providing a comprehensive Habitat Creation service in the wider South Eastern Queensland area, Heritage Tree Care are dedicated to using our extensive arboricultural knowledge and experience to create and restore ecologically sound habitats for wildlife.

We can:

  • Help restore and create natural habitats
  • Monitor local wildlife – trained Spotter Catcher available
  • Habitat prune trees
  • Create artificial tree hollows for bats, birds and mammals
  • Expert advice and consultancy on habitat creation
  • Establish native plants
  • Improve attractiveness of area
  • Climbers available for Nesting Box Placement
Artificial Hollow Creation

As keen environmentalists, we are able to provide a full Habitat Creation programme- from the initial discussion of the vision with the client to careful planning and execution of the plans.  Using native plants and trees, we are experts in creating environmentally sustainable areas to attract local wildlife.

Please call us to arrange a habitat creation consultation!  Free Call: 1800 353 053 OR (07) 3715 5444