Vacuum Excavation in SEQ

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  • Potholing
  • Root Barrier Installation
  • Root Plate Aeration
  • Service Locating
  • NDD (Non-Destructive Digging)
  • Pipe Jet-Rodding (to remove blockages, tree roots,)
  • Hydro Excavations

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Also referred to as non-destructive digging (NDD), Vacuum Excavation is considered best industry practice for safely locating underground utilities, reducing by more than half the chance of damaging buried utilities. The high-pressure gun blasts the soil to a slurry and the vacuum hose pulls all the waste out of the trench or hole and pulls it into the steel tank on the truck. With our specially designed wand, we can work around root systems without damage to the root cambium.


Heritage Vacuum Excavations aims to be the leader in the industry and has invested in state of the art equipment to service all your needs from small one-off jobs through to larger project works. Our modern equipment includes a fleet of trucks, tippers, bobcats, excavators, kangas, water trucks, stump grinders, service locators and our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks.


Safety First:

Heritage Tree Care has a high standard of safety and has developed and implemented comprehensive Health and Safety systems into our business to ensure that safety is never compromised. Heritage Tree Services as the parent company has also achieved ISO9001 Certification.

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Call us for a free quote TODAY!  Free Call: 1800 353 053 OR (07) 3715 5444