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September 3, 2019
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What is it and Why is it Important?

For many years concrete, asphalt and bitumen have cornered the market in all things paving- pavements, roads, driveways, parks, any surface that they could cover, they did.  Our urban environment is encased in concrete and unfortunately the consequences of living in concrete jungles, such as flooding, poor soil quality and poor storm water quality, are now very apparent.   In  recent times a much more environmentally friendly and practical product has been developed, it is generally known as Permeable Paving or  Porous Paving.  This product allows water to penetrate its porous surface and flow through to the soil below.   With environmental issues such as flooding, pollution and preservation orders on trees becoming more prevalent, it is imperative that  permeable surfaces  are used both commercially and at home as this will help counteract these problems in our cities.


Concrete Vs Permeable Paving


  • Concrete is impervious, it does not allow water to penetrate the surface thus creating pooling of rainwater on the surface and a pressure on our cities storm water systems.
  • Permeable Paving allows water to penetrate the surface and flow to the ground below significantly reducing the effects of surface flooding by enabling tree beds, footpaths and driveways to capture and retain moisture.
  • Unlike Permeable Paving, impervious paving surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, bitumen encourages the formation of stagnate water puddles. On impermeable surfaces where runoff has no drainage route, storm water can puddle for long periods of time. Stagnate puddles can become breeding places for undesirable insects such as mosquitoes.
  • Concrete and other impermeable surfaces cause flooding of surface water and erosion of stream banks. During periods of heavy rainfall, large amounts of impermeable surfaces generate large amounts of runoff. This sudden influx of runoff into rivers can cause flash flooding and erosion of stream banks.



The Benefits of Permeable Porous Paving


Reduces Flooding

Allows water to penetrate the surface and flow to the ground below, significantly reducing the effects of surface flooding by enabling tree beds, footpaths and driveways to capture and retain moisture.


Reduces Storm Waste

As permeable paving absorbs storm water, less pollutants flow into storm drains which prevents contaminated water flowing directly into rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans, generating problems for biodiversity as well as public health.


Cooler Surfaces and Temperatures

Unlike impermeable surfaces which have a heat-absorbing quality, sites with high ratios of permeable surfaces decrease ambient air temperatures and require less energy for cooling.


Long Lasting

Due to the hard-wearing, dynamic nature and flexibility, it has a long-life expectancy and can be cheaply and easily repaired if required.


Use Safely Around Trees

Can be used around tree root systems without causing detrimental compaction and allow for moisture infiltration or aeration of soil.  Unlike impermeable paving, it does not sweat therefore condensation does not build up under the surface, encouraging fine root growth to develop, roots to expand and creating trip hazards from pavements shearing and cracking.


Multiple Products

There are five Porous Paving Products to choose from.  This allows you to identify the best product for the site depending on the qualities required such as loadbearing, hard-wearing, flexible, tree safe.

  1. Arbor- Flex- Rubberised Mulch Paving
  2. Arbor Pave- Stone Rubber Combination
  3. Arbor Pave Plus- Aggregate Rubber
  4. PermaMulch- Resin Bound Organic Mulch
  5. Stone Porous Paving



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