Preparing for Storms in Queensland- Are You Storm Ready?

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March 28, 2017
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April 13, 2017
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Falling Trees/ Storm Damage in Brisbane

Storm season has well and truly begun in Brisbane and we have felt the full force of Mother Nature’s wrath.  It is important to remain vigilant, be prepared and ready for all eventualities!  Have you got a tree that is looking poorly or has large branches that need to be pruned or removed and are just too close to your house, buildings or car? It might be time to get your trees checked out by a qualified Arborist for your own peace of mind and the safety of your family and property.

Handy Hints for Preparing Trees for Bad Weather

Below are some handy hints describing what you can do to prepare yourself and your belongings for a bad storm:

  • Remove the target. While a home or a nearby power line cannot be moved, it is possible to move picnic tables, cars, landscape features, or other possible targets to prevent them from being hit by a falling tree or branches. Keep your car undercover if possible to protect it from falling debris.
  • Prune the tree. Regular pruning of a tree is extremely important for the overall health and longevity of a tree. It is vital to remove the defective branches from the tree before a storm hits. Inappropriate pruning will weaken a tree, therefore, pruning work is best done by a professional ISA Certified Arborist who will prune to meet Australian Standards and for the best overall health of the tree.
  • Cable and brace the tree. Provide physical support for weak branches and stems to increase their strength and stability.
  • Provide routine care. Mature trees need regular, routine care in the form of water; fertiliser (in some cases); mulch, and pruning as dictated by the season and their structure. We can advise on the best care for different species of trees and plants and we also specialise in native varieties.
  • Remove the tree. Occasionally hazardous trees should be removed. Always consult a qualified Arborist for their expert advice on tree removal and if possible always plant a new tree in its place. We can advise you on the best tree to plant in the location and soil types.

Using these simple tips will not only increase the safety of your property and that of your neighbours’ but also improve the tree’s health and may increase its longevity!

What We Offer You

  • Free Quotation for works to ensure your property is storm ready.
  • Assessment of property with recommendations by our Level 5 Trade Certified Consulting Arborist – call us for price details
  • Emergency Storm Response 365 days. 24 Hours/day

Professional Tree Care for You!

For a free quotation to prepare your property for the upcoming storms and for Emergency Storm Response in Brisbane and beyond call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155444 – we are here to help! If the worst does happen, our Emergency Response team is available 24/7 365 days of the year. We are fully insured and our state of the art equipment and expertise ensures that the job will be done quickly with the least amount of inconvenience to yourself! We can deal directly with your insurance company if required.