Preparing Your Property for Storm Season in South East Queensland.

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Tree and Garden Preparation is Key

With the upcoming storm season currently being predicted by BOM meteorologists to be more severe and prolonged than usual, it would be astute to make sure your property is prepared.  However, storms are part of life as a Queenslander and though being aware and prepared is essential, it is also imperative that we are not alarmist.


Be Observant

A good way to get prepared is to simply have a walk around your property and observe your trees.  Are there any trees:

  • With branches overhanging property that may need to be pruned?
  • Have a large amount of deadwood?
  • Appear to be unstable?
  • Have large cracks in the trunk or major branches?
  • Have fungal mushrooms growing on the body?
  • Observe how your tree reacts to a mild wind as if the top branches appear to be blowing heavily, a wind sail effect may be created thus increasing the likelihood of them not reacting well to strong wind.
  • Is the soil around your tree loose or gravelly? This can increase the risk of trees falling so always make sure that the soil around your tree is neither too loose or compacted but has good drainage.

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Decide What Needs To Be Done

If your trees look healthy and have been well-maintained throughout the year then they should be fine to be left alone.  If you have any cause for concern then you should get an experienced and qualified Arborist to take a look and advise you if any action needs to be taken to safeguard the tree or your property.  Read our blog for tips on how to choose a Tree Care Professional.


Be Aware of Tree Positioning

Next, observe where your tree is positioned:

  • Close to Power Lines- make sure the branches have been trimmed well back from the power lines.
  • Close to roof tops or car ports- if possible make sure branches have been pruned so they are not overhanging property.
  • Close to moveable property i.e. trampolines, tables, cars- when a storm is forecast, remove the property away from the risk of falling trees/ branches or debris.

Long Term Preparation

The key to your trees being storm ready is maintenance.  Make sure your trees are regularly pruned and dead wooded; trees that are well-maintained are more likely to be healthy and will withstand storms.  Ensuring the roots are strong and healthy is equally important as if roots are weak, this can lead to an increased risk of a tree falling or splitting in the event of a severe storm.


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Protect Your Trees Against Lightning Strikes.

If you own a large, tall and mature tree that is located close to your house or has significant sentimental or monetary value, you can protect it against lightning strikes by installing a lighting protection system. Wood is generally not a great conductor, however, the moisture and sap within a tree is an excellent conductor of electricity. Arborists can install a copper cable system that will conduct the electricity away from the tree and into the ground, keeping the tree safe and providing you with peace of mind.


Professional Tree Care for You!

If you have any questions or concerns about your trees before the upcoming storm season, Heritage Tree Care are happy to provide an honest and reliable free quote. We will not scaremonger but will endeavor to give you the best possible advice for your trees. Call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155444 – we are here to help! If the worst does happen, our Emergency Response team is available 24/7 365 days of the year. We are fully insured and our state of the art equipment and expertise ensures that the job will be done quickly with the least amount of inconvenience to yourself! We can deal directly with your insurance company if required.