Gardening and Tree Care in Spring in Brisbane and Beyond.

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Planting trees in spring

Three Top Tips For Spring Cleaning your Garden and Trees

The weather in South East Queensland is gearing up for Summer and temperatures are quickly heating up. Now is a good time to get your garden refreshed and tidied up while it is still cool enough to work outside comfortably. Spring cleaning your garden is also the perfect opportunity to get any trees that need pruned, dead wooded or you have concerns about, professionally maintained or assessed by a reputable tree care company. At this time of year tree care companies generally have a ‘calm before the storm’, as once storm season hits they are very busy and emergency storm response always takes priority.

Tip 1: Prune, Prune, Prune…

There are many compelling reasons to prune trees, however, it is advisable to hire a qualified and experienced Arborist to prune your trees to Australian Standards.  Incorrect pruning can leave your tree not only looking terrible, but also they will be susceptible to pest invasion and disease.

Quality Tree Pruning will:

  • Reduces risk of failure from dead or weak branches.
  • Reduces shade and wind resistance.

  • Manages and maintains optimum tree health.

  • Manages fruit and flower production.

  • Improves the overall shape and aesthetics of the tree.

  • Improves the overall structure of the tree.

  • If a tree is storm-damaged to gives it a fighting chance of survival.

Pruning Other Plants

Other plants, shrubs and flowers that have already bloomed, should also be pruned in Spring to encourage new growth. Remove and deadhead spent flowers to encourage them to continue to bloom in the coming months.

Pruning trees in spring


Tip 2: Plant Plant Plant…

Late Winter and early Spring is a great time to plant trees shrubs and annuals. This gives trees the chance to establish their roots and grow to be ready for the next winter. Once planted trees will grow leaves which will them provide them with food throughout the summer months.Be aware that newly planted saplings need plenty of water to survive and thrive. In a hot tropical climate like Queensland there are dry spells and also some good downpours of rain; it is important to know when and how often a sapling should be watered and how to tell if it is failing to thrive. You can read our handy blog on watering trees here.

Prepare your garden for planting new trees and shrubs by removing weeds and planning the perfect spot for your new plants. Will they thrive in shade, no they need plenty of sunshine, are they close to a water source? As always research and planning are key to help plants and trees have the optimum chance of thriving and making your garden look amazing.

Tip 3: Repot, Repot Repot…

If you have plants or trees that are container grown, it is vital that they are re-potted if they have been in the same container for several years or if they have have outgrown their current pot. Remove them carefully from their pot, prune or trim the roots and then replant them in slightly larger pots with fresh potting mix. You can also choose to plant them them in the ground if they have grown too large. 

 Tree pruning palm trees Brisbane

Tree Care Experts

For a professional advice and expertise on tree care and planting, call our Heritage Tree Care Experts on 0737155444 for a free no obligation quote.  Our qualified Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Toowoomba and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.