Top Tips to Ponder Before Hiring a Tree Care Professional in Brisbane and Beyond.

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Tree Work On A Budget

Tree work can often be down the list of priorities when considering what to spend your yearly household budget on.  There are so many things to buy and places to go; school expenses; birthdays and celebrations; appliance breakdowns; car services/repairs; holidays and vet bills to name a few.  These expenses can all impact on how much you have to spend on tree and garden maintenance.  As a home owner with trees on your block, it is important from a health and safety and property value point of view to make sure they are regularly maintained to Australian Standards.  When you do decide you need tree experts to have a look at your trees, follow these handy tips to make sure you get good value for money and the best service possible for your trees.


Research, Research, Research

It is very important to do your research when hiring a tree care company.  If their business name contains the words- cheap, lopping, topping, or chopping it is fairly safe to assume they are not qualified Arborists who are recommended within the industry.

  • Look at their websites, are they good quality?
  • Do they share their credentials- qualifications, arboricultural bodies membership?
  • Do they adhere to Australian Standards?
  • Are they fully and comprehensively insured?
  • Are there any recent testimonials from satisfied customers?
  • Do they have a wide range of clients including government bodies?
  • Do they have a good presence online or on social media where you can find reviews?
  • Ask friends and families for personal recommendations of companies they have used in the past.


Professional Tree Work

Get Several Quotes

Once you have had a look at websites and online reviews, call several companies to arrange a quote.  First impressions count and a company that takes care of the public’s perception of them are more likely extend that attention to detail to provide an overall quality service:

  • Are they polite, professional, and easy to deal with?
  • When you have arranged the quote at a suitable time for you, do they arrive on time or call you to let you know if they will be late?
  • Do they look professional and are dressed smartly in a company uniform?
  • Do they have a logoed company vehicle?
  • Do they appear knowledgeable about arboriculture and tell you exactly what needs to be done for the overall health of the trees?
  • Do they give a written quote including GST?
  • Are the quotes emailed prompt, thorough and with a breakdown of the costs? If requested do they have several options for various budgets?



Arborist Equipment

The Price is Right

When you receive your quotes, very often a decision can come down to the cheapest price quoted.  However, buyer beware, if you receive a quote that is far cheaper than the others, think about why that might be.

  • Are they cutting corners on insurance?
  • Is their equipment old and not well maintained?
  • Are their employees unqualified and inexperienced and therefore cheaper to employ?


Why Choose a Quality Tree Care Company?

Good quality Arboriculture companies do have overheads which can make them seem slightly more expensive than the ‘one-man band’ tree- loppers out there.  However, in a competitive market, you can be assured that you will get excellent value for money as the quality of tree work will be much higher.  By using experienced and Qualified Arborists, who are fully insured and health and safety aware, you will reduce the risks of lasting damage to your trees and property which will cost you more money to repair.


Quality Tree Service Brisbane

If you would like to talk to a tree care company who provide a quality and professional tree service, who understand the benefits of proper tree maintenance and have the best interests of the customer and the environment at heart, call the Heritage Tree Care experts on 0737155444 for a free no obligation quote.  Our qualified Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Toowoomba and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.