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June 19, 2017
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Excavating Safely Around Tree Roots Using Non-Destructive Digging

Trees and their importance to our atmosphere and climate is well documented. They provide many advantages to the earth and its inhabitants, from cleaning the air, soaking up stormwater to adding approximately 15% to the value of our homes and property. Trees are also crucial in the fight against world climate change and we need to protect them. Therefore, it makes sense to look after our valuable assets, if you need to remove a tree for whatever reason, consider tree transplantation as an alternative to tree removal.  Digging near or around tree roots is often detrimental to a tree’s health and if it is required, then using the safe digging technique of vacuum excavation also known as Non-Destructive Digging is vital.

Removing Trees Safely

Development and building is an essential part of modern life and with expanding populations and the need for more homes to be built, sometimes there can be a necessity for trees to be removed. An unhealthy, diseased, or unstable tree is a health and safety risk to both public and property and so should be moved and recycled as a matter of course. In cases where the tree is healthy, it is an effective option to transplant it to another, better suited area however, transplantation of large trees is a tough job and should be left to the experts.

 There are a number of rudiments you must consider for a tree transplantation to work:

  • Think carefully about where you are planning to replant the tree. Trees need proper drainage to thrive and a soil PH of between 5.5 and 6.5.
  • There must be good access to enough water- newly transplanted trees need a regular irrigation schedule.
  • Check by calling Dial Before You Dig if there are underground pipes, telecommunications wires, and utilities near where you will be digging.
  • Do not transplant trees until late Autumn or Winter when the tree will either already be dormant or going dormant.
  • Be mindful of nearby trees, plants and property. Plan how you are going to keep adjacent vegetations free from damage.


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Using Qualified and Insured Arborists to Transplant Trees

If you have a small sapling to transplant, there are plenty of informative gardening blogs available online which will tell you how to successfully transplant a small tree.  If you are seeking to transplant larger trees with well-established root systems, then the do-it-yourself method is not recommended.   It is astute to hire a tree doctor or Arborist who can consult with you about the best place to replant and the likelihood of the tree being able to re-establish itself in its new surroundings.  Qualified Arborists will endeavour to carry out the tree transplantation in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.  When you have decided to use an Arborist always choose your tree care company carefully as there a few different methods for transplanting trees. The safest and most cost-effective method is using a tree company who uses Vacuum Excavations to transplant trees.

Benefits of using Vacuum Excavation and Qualified Arborists:

  • Digs safely around root systems without damaging the cambium layer of the roots and keeping the root ball intact.
  • Easily cuts through hard and impacted soil/clay using a high- powered water hose.
  • It is cost effective as it cuts down on the cost of intensive labour and time.
  • They will have the appropriate equipment available for lifting and carrying the tree to the new destination without damaging the tree.
  • They will know the best way to re- plant the tree for optimum growth including depth and size of hole.

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Looking After Newly Transplanted Tree

Once the tree has been safely removed, transported, and transplanted into its new home it will need plenty of regular care and attention.  For smaller trees, it can take up to three years before they are truly re-established, however, for large trees the time frame can be much longer for a root system to re-establish itself.  Think about the climate, as trees that have been transplanted in a very dry climate will require regular moisture for a few years after the transplantation has taken place.


For all your tree transplantation needs in South East Queensland including:  Brisbane; Logan; Ipswich; Redlands; Toowoomba or Gold Coast areas please call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155 444 or email  Heritage Tree Care works closely with sister company Heritage Vacuum Excavations to provide a comprehensive range of tree care and excavation services.