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October 4, 2018
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The Wonder of Trees

We all know that trees are amazing. According to Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) there are 60, 065 species of tree currently known in the world.    They come in all shapes and sizes, provide so many benefits to the environment; health and physical benefits to people and animals and without trees there could be no life on earth as they produce most of the oxygen we breathe and absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out.  It is so important that we look after our trees, whether by hiring your local experienced and qualified Arborist to trim or prune your trees, identify and rectify and plant health care problems such as pest infestation or identifying a tree which may unfortunately need removed if it is dead, dying or irrevocably diseased.

Here are just some of the fantastic benefits that trees provide the environment:

Clean the Air

Trees use their leaves and bark to trap particulates out of the air and to absorb pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and ozone.

Cool the Air

With temperatures rising around the world due to effects of climate change, we need trees more than ever.  They provide shade for our street and homes, while also releasing water and breaking up urban heat islands.  Research shows that areas with more trees are cooler than those with fewer trees.


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Conserve Energy

Mature trees planted around buildings can reduce air conditioning bills by up to 50% in the summer and reduce heating bills in the winter.

Save Water

Trees provide shade which slows down evaporation from the ground.  Transpiration also increases atmospheric moisture.  Help Prevent Water Pollution

Water runoff from rainfall is reduced by trees by breaking the water flow and allowing the water to flow down the tree trunk and into the earth below. This prevents pollutants from being carried by stormwater into rivers and oceans. 

Help Prevent Soil Erosion

Trees also hold soil in place and stop erosion by slowing down water run- off.

Provide Shade

The leafy canopy of a tree provides shade which can help combat the rise of skin cancer in humans and also provides shade for wildlife on hot, sunny days.

Add Value to a Property

Living in in a shady, leafy area not only can raise property values by as much as 15% but also the risk of crime in that area is statically lowered.

Provide Food and Shelter for Wildlife

Trees are the main source of habitat for birds, insects and other wildlife.

Improve Mental Health 

Living in an area with more green space has been proven to lower levels of the stress hormone Cortisol and findings have suggested that “contact with natural environments promotes psychological restoration, improved mood, improved attention and reduced stress and anxiety.”





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