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So Many Unusual Tree Species

The world is full of many interesting and varied species of trees. Here in Queensland, Australia we are very lucky to have a wide range of tree species that grow abundantly and are suitable for our warm tropical climate. Arborists in Brisbane and beyond are required to have plenty of knowledge about the different tree types they might encounter and of course the tree’s characteristics as some are more dangerous than others. Here are some facts about some interesting trees you might find when out and about in Queensland.

Strangler Figs (Ficus)

There are approximately one hundred and fifty species of fig trees and most of these could be described as strangler figs. These stranglers begin life as a sticky seed that has been transported to high tree branch by a bird, bat, or other animal. The seed remains on the branch and starts to grow long roots which descend along the trunk of the host tree. These roots will eventually reach the ground and enter the soil, taking root.

From the seed there will be several roots which do this, grafting together and thus enclosing their host tree’s trunk in a root lattice that strangles them and covers most of the tree. The host tree has little chance of competing with the strangler fig- it’s canopy is overshadowed prevent enough light reaching its own leaves, its trunk constricted by the surrounding root sheath, and its own root system forced to compete with that of the strangling fig.

It is likely that the host tree will die and when it rots away a magnificent fig “tree” is left behind whose apparent “trunk” is actually a gigantic cylinder of roots.

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Eucalyptus Trees ( Myrtaceae)

Another interesting tree that is native to Australia is the wonderful Eucalyptus tree. Famously known as the food of choice for the marsupials, koalas bears, these trees are extremely useful in other ways, producing timber, paper, essential oils and even honey. They are widely called Gum trees which was first coined by Captain James Cook in his journal in 1770 as he noted some species of the Eucalytus trees exuded a sticky gum-like substance.


  • Eucalyptus tree is known as one of the tallest plants on the planet.
  • There are over 700 species of eucalyptus which are mostly evergreen plants.
  • It absorbs huge quantities of water from the ground, eucalyptus and therefore can be used for draining of marshes.
  • It can also eradicate malaria by destroying wet habitats which are required for development of mosquito’s eggs.
  • They are also exceptionally hardy plants as they are able to biologically adapt to drought conditions, pest infestations, and regrow after fire.

For more interesting facts about trees, you can check out our weekly facebook post, ‘Friday Fun Facts’. 

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