Reasons Why Not to Lop or Top Your Trees in Brisbane and Beyond

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Tree Loppers are Not Arborists

‘Tree lopping’ is often used as the go-to word for tree care and people often ask for recommendations for ‘tree loppers’ meaning Arborists.  It is important to try and avoid using the word lopping as it means the very opposite of good quality tree care.  Those who advertise themselves as ‘tree loppers’ are often unqualified, uninsured and out to make a quick dollar without regard for safety and the overall health of the tree in the long term.



Tree Care Industry Regulation

Unfortunately, the tree care industry in Australia is still unregulated, however, there are plans in motion to issue licences for qualified tree care workers.  This will ensure that members of the public can be guaranteed that completed work will be of a high standard and the contractors will be highly trained, insured and health and safety will be prioritised.  It will also benefit the tree care industry in that companies who are ensuring their employees are well paid, qualified and insured, use good quality and well-maintained equipment and prioritise health and safety, will not be undercut by unscrupulous tree loppers who prefer to have no expensive overheads.

Professional Tree Work


Lopping is Harmful to Trees

Tree work should always conform to the ‘Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees, AS 4373-2007’.  Failure to conform will leave trees unsafe and more likely to fail to thrive and ultimately die.  Tree lopping is the removal of large branches from the tree which then causes smaller branches to grow too quickly and also causes the tree to have less stability especially during storms or strong winds.  These smaller branches are more likely to be weak and fall off easily, potentially causing damage or injury to nearby people or property.  Lopping also causes tree limbs to be more likely to be prone to suffer from decay, insects and disease.  The removal of tree leaves also strips away the tree’s main food source as they can’t receive enough sunlight for the tree to thrive.

Lopping Liability

If a tree has been lopped and it eventually causes damage to a person or property, then whoever has ‘lopped’ it is then liable for any damage caused by the lopped tree.  If the customer has requested the tree to be ‘lopped’ they are also jointly liable for any damage to people or property caused.  It is much more cost effective to be risk averse and make sure that the tree is properly pruned according to Australian Standards by a legitimate tree care business.


It is a well-known fact that established trees increase the value of a property by up to $10,000 dollars.   Lopping a tree makes it look unsightly and is more likely to put prospective buyers off buying a property than a well maintained, leafy tree that is in great condition.  Lopped trees also provide less shade and can, therefore, increase a property’s energy heating and electricity bills.


Tree Lopping is Never a Good Idea

For trees to remain healthy they need to be well looked after and pruned to Australian standards.  Hiring an unqualified but cheap ‘tree lopper’ is a false economy and the cost of rectifying mistakes and the long-term damage to the aesthetics and life of the tree.  Money invested in trees is never wasted money!

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