Important Reasons to Prune Your Trees Regularly in Brisbane and Beyond…

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Tree Care and Pruning

Tree Pruning is an important part of tree health care. Sometimes called tree trimming or even the generic term ‘tree lopping’, it is imperative for the overall health and beauty of your tree that a regular prune is undertaken.  Hiring an experienced and qualified Arborist and not an unqualified tree ‘lopper’ to do this valuable tree maintenance, will ensure that a safe and quality tree prune to Australian Standards is completed


8 Reasons to Prune or trim your Trees Regularly

Here are eight important reasons to prune your trees in Brisbane and beyond.

  1. Keeps your trees healthy.
  2. By removing dead wood and limbs you will make trees look much healthier and therefore beautiful.
  3. Correctly pruning helps trees grow.
  4. Helps maintain form and structural integrity of the tree.
  5. Encourages fruit production.
  6. Removes potential hazards which is very important in storm season.
  7. Prevents and helps treat disease.
  8. Helps maintain a perfect view.
removing dangerous tree in SEQ

Reasons to prune: Tree Disease can cause a tree to fail and need to be removed as it is dangerous.


Is Tree Pruning Expensive?

Pruning your trees regularly is an investment, like servicing your car to make sure it is safe, runs smoothly and doesn’t break down, a good tree prune will ensure your trees are safe, healthy and likely to live and thrive for a long time.  The cost of a tree pruning will depend on a number of issues:

  • The size of the tree,
  • The equipment/machinery needed,
  • Access to the tree
  • The time it will take to complete the job,
  • The number of Arborists and Groundies required
  • The level of experience and qualifications needed by the Arborist performing the prune to ensure the best person for the job is completing the work to an excellent standard. A difficult prune on a protected tree will require a more experienced and therefore more expensive Arborist.

Saving Money by Pruning

Like good car maintenance, a quality prune can save you money and even make money.

Save Money:

A well-maintained tree is much less likely to be prone to disease of pest infestation and will remain healthy.  If a tree does begin to fail it will need specialist tree doctoring by a Level 5 qualified Arborist to have any chance of saving it.  If this fails then the tree will need to be removed which can be costly in itself depending on:

  • Tree size?
  • What specialist machinery is required?
  • Is there good access and will the tree be able to be felled safely?
  • The complexity of the tree removal and the time it will take to set up and complete.
  • Is an experienced Climbing Arborist required or an EWP Operator?


Make Money:

Interestingly, properties that are for sale and have well-maintained trees in the grounds are more like to sell quickly and command a higher price.  They add value to the property by 15% but conversely, if the trees are badly maintained they can put a potential purchaser off buying your home.


For Tree Maintenance Always Hire a Professional Tree Company

For trees to remain healthy they need to be well looked after and pruned to Australian standards.  Hiring an unqualified ‘tree lopper’ is a false economy and will eventually cost more to rectify or remove the tree and from an aesthetics point of view will not add value to your property.  Money invested in trees is not money wasted!

For all your Tree Care needs, call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155444 or email for a free, no obligation quote and our qualified and experienced Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.