Stump Grinding

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  • Expertise
  • Appropriate equipment
  • Risk assessment
  • Clean and tidy site

Fast and Efficient Stump Grinding:

Again another tree service that is best left to the professionals, stump grinding is not only dangerous to do as a novice, it is a long winded task that needs, time, patience and the right machinery – at Heritage Tree Care, we have all of the above.

At Heritage Tree Care you can be sure that we will provide all the necessary equipment and fully trained staff to the site, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will endeavor to make sure our stump grinding company is fast and effective, but also safe.

Stump grinding Brisbane


The process consists of a good few stages, initially reviewing the stump to ascertain the right equipment required is necessary. We will commence with clearing the area to prepare for the job which includes a risk assessment to ensure safety during works. The stump is ground into mulch (basically sawdust), if required we will then treat the remaining roots to ensure that the tree doesn’t decide to start growing again (most trees wont re-sprout).

Following this when the job is complete, we will fill the depression in the ground, raking back the debris to a mound over the open hole, alternatively we can remove the debris and replace with additional soil to make sure the ground is level, not only to make the area look nice but to avoid any unsuspecting person tripping or falling into the depression left by the removed tree.

Stump Grinding machines are large and spit out a lot of debris during the process, this is yet another thing we will make sure is managed properly and you can be assured your garden is left in good order.

Call us for a free quote TODAY!  Free Call: 1800 353 053 OR (07) 3715 5444

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