Tree Transplanting in SEQ

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  • Large and Small Trees Transplanted.
  • Vacuum Excavation Utilised.
  • Transplant Supervised by Experienced Consulting Arborist.
  • Excellent Aftercare Provided.

Tree Transplanting Solutions:

Our team can provide expert tree transplanting services in SEQ, from initial consultation and report through providing aftercare for the transplanted tree(s).  We use Vacuum Excavation to dig safely around root systems without damaging the cambium layer of the roots and keeping the root ball intact.

Large Tree Transplant Brisbane


Trees often need to be relocated for all sorts of reasons and using Vacuum Excavation for tree relocation work is a safe and cost-effective method to excavate the tree.   The tree roots will remain intact and are therefore more likely to survive being transported to a new location and replanted.  Our qualified Arborists can advise whether a tree is a suitable candidate for transplantation and devise a plan to give the tree the best chance of survival.

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