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Our expert tree chippers are always available if you need a tree chipped or to give you advice on the process. Whatever your problem may be, we have the correct tools and knowledge to handle the job quickly, safely and effectively. We have vast experience in tree chipping and we carry full insurance covering this dangerous activity.


Heritage Tree Care knows that wood chip is a very useful product when it comes to tree health and garden maintenance. As part of our tree chipping service, we process chippings from a job so that they can be reused in an environmentally friendly way that can bring extra benefits to trees and plant life.

We stockpile and turn the rich bio-diverse chippings, in order to leech tannins, super-heat to kill off any seeds and insects and start the decomposing process. The aged forest mulch is nutrient rich that can optimise tree health if applied correctly.

Tree Chipping Brisbane


Our professional teams use wood chippers; these were originally developed by a German called Peter Jensen in the 19th century. They have come a long way since then however they are still dangerous machines to operate if you don’t have the skills and knowledge to use them.

Wood chippers reduce the size of the wood into manageable sized wood chips, often about 2-8 cm in size by forcing them through a circular set of rotating knives.

The Equipment

There are different types of machines available. Some are quite mobile and can be transported by a small to medium sized vehicle but others are heavier duty and require a larger truck to move them.

Heritage Tree Care currently utilises trailer mounted chippers that vary in size from 25cm (10”), 37.5cm (15”) up to 50cm (18”) of wood diameter (Trunk). Our machines are regularly serviced and maintained to safe work practice standards.

Heritage Tree Care wood chipping services are well established in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan areas however we will consider working further afield should you require our tree services.

Call us for a free quote TODAY!  Free Call: 1800 353 053 OR (07) 3715 5444

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