Tree Trimming

For a Professional Tree Trimming Service in the Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Logan or Toowoomba areas, please call us for a free quote TODAY!  Free Call: 1800 353 053 OR (07) 3715 5444

  • All trees trimmed to Australian Standards 4373-2007 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’
  • Focus on overall health of trees
  • Expert technique
  • Comprehensive range of equipment for best results

Quality Tree Trimming Services in Brisbane:

Heritage Tree Care has been providing a professional tree trimming service in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan areas for over 10 years. We offer a complete trimming service to help meet your gardening needs.

If you have any trees that are proving difficult to reach, we have a trimming team ready to assist. Our specialist trimming equipment lets us trim trees to a professional standard. Please contact us if need help with your tree trimming or hedge requirements.

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Tree Trimming Expertise:

Our expert tree trimmers help you to enhance the surrounding landscape by looking at tree care concerns such as appearance, health, safety and legal issues. Tree trimming services performed by a qualified arborist enhance the aesthetics of your garden and plants. This can improve the appearance of your private or commercial property and add value to it.

Heritage’s tree trimming service can provide lots of benefits to your green areas. Our tree trimming service is primarily focused on the overall health of the tree/s in question. No matter if the tree is young or old; we attempt to operate in a way that is best suited to maintain the health of the tree.

As tree trimming professionals we work in accordance with best practice pruning standards in Australia the standard is known as Australian Standard 4373-2007 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’


The Process:

If we decide to use developmental tree trimming on a young tree, it is for the purpose of creating the correct structural configuration. This technique aids your new plants and trees to develop a good branch distribution and improve its integrity. The process reduces the risk of bigger problems as the tree gets older and bigger.
Well cared for areas can benefit from vista trimming. We can use this service for improving landscape appearance and restoring any damage. This technique can improve the land value if it helps open up the natural beauty of the landscape. Vista situations would include the improvement of the view to such things as sunsets, valleys, mountains, lakes and rivers. We would always try to keep the privacy of the area whilst exposing the best possible view.

If you have your trees trimmed it can act as a form of protection against it being weather damaged and the possibility of falling branches. This is particularly a concern for trees along pedestrian paths and driveways. You should consider working on low hanging branches in any pedestrian areas to reduce any risks to people. This is equally true for surrounding or adjoining buildings and driveways.

Tree Trimming Equipment:

You really have to use correct equipment for the job it can vastly help you to care for the trees and make the work easier. Some of the tools our professionals use will include:

  • Motorised Chain Saws – Good for wood cutting.
  • Motorised Hedge Trimmers-Good for shaping hedges
  • Wood Chippers – Excellent at cutting the wood into small parts.
  • Loppers & Secateurs – Specialised tools for finite work.
  • Pole Loppers – Good for shaping small to medium trees.
  • Motorised Pole Saws.

Call us for a free quote TODAY!  Free Call: 1800 353 053 OR (07) 3715 5444

For Professional Tree Care Services in the Brisbane, Redlands, Toowoomba, Ipswich or Logan areas, please call us for a free quote TODAY!
Free Call:1800 353 053 or (07) 3715 5444