Spring has Sprung- Taking Care of Trees in Brisbane and Beyond

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Maintaining Trees in Springtime

With Winter well and truly over and temperatures are rising in Queensland as we head towards summer, there are a number of ways you can prepare in Spring to help your trees thrive through the hotter weather and storm season. This is a great time to get out in the garden to do a post-winter tidy up, plant some new trees, plants or bushes and just have a walk around your property to make sure there are no visible hazards that need to be attended to.


General Tidy Up and Mulching

Spring is the perfect time to have a garden tidy up as the weather is pleasantly warm, the grass, plants and weeds have begun growing again and the trees come out of dormancy and are starting to bud.  It’s a great time to add some mulch as it helps to conserve water, cools plant roots, smothers weeds and feeds the soil.

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Taking Care of Your Trees in Spring

Dead Wooding

What is dead wooding and why should I get my trees dead wooded?

Dead wooding is where branches or limbs die off within a tree and can either break-off or become vulnerable. These limbs can then fall over time or during periods of high winds and storms.

Why deadwood trees?

Deadwood on trees can be a health and safety risk and it is vital that deadwood is removed from trees before the summer storm season begins.

Protects the health of the tree: If a branch snaps off during a storm, the rough end will create a perfect site for pests and insects to make their homes. Trunk rot is also possible as water can stand in the crevices which then encourages fungus and decay organisms. Both pests and trunk rot threaten the overall health of the tree and can cause it to decay and ultimately die without proper attention.

Enhances the overall beauty of the tree: Deadwood is naturally unattractive and will reduce the aesthetic quality of the tree. This can have an adverse effect on the overall value of your property as potential buyers will see unmaintained trees and mentally add the cost of repair to the price they are willing to pay.

Creates habitat for wildlife: Dead wooding is also a great way to create habitat such as hollows within the trunk to encourage birds and mammals to inhabit the tree.


Get a Hazard Assessment


If in doubt, it is always best to hire a qualified and experienced Arborist to do a visual inspection of your trees, especially if there are any trees that you are particularly worried about.  This will give you peace of mind, an idea of what work needs to completed to keep your trees healthy and safe and also an idea of the associated costs involved.

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A time for Regeneration- Plant New Trees

Spring is a good time to plant some trees.  Fruit trees will thrive if planted in milder weather.  Visit your local garden nursery to find out what trees, plants and shrubs will thrive in your area and climate.


Top Tips for Looking after your Citrus Trees

  • Plant Citrus trees in an area which receives full sun.
  • Keep trees well-watered when the young fruit is forming in spring and early summer.
  • Deep water trees twice weekly using a sprinkler in summer months.
  • Fertilise using a quality citrus fertiliser in August and February.
  • Keep the area directly under your tree free from grass and weeds. You can add a good quality Aged Forest Mulch around the tree but do not let it touch the trunk as this may cause collar rot.




In Queensland, the spring sunshine and increased warmth also brings out the local snake population as they seek to mate and find food.  If you would like to have a better chance of seeing any visiting reptiles, remove any piles of wood, leaf debris, high weeds and make sure your grass is cut short.

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If in Doubt Always Ask An Arborist.

For trees to remain healthy they need to be well looked after and pruned to Australian standards.  Money invested in trees is never wasted money!

For all your Tree Care needs, call Heritage Tree Care on 0737155444 or email sales@heritagetreecare.com.au for a free, no-obligation quote, our qualified Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.