Using Drones for Tree Care in Brisbane and Beyond

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Arborists and Drones

Using Drones which are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is fast becoming a key tool to use in the arboricultural industry as they become more affordable and easy to operate. A drone can be utilised in many aspects of tree work -from Consultant Arborists using a drone to look for and assess damage or decay in tall trees to data collection. The use of a drone to show the client an aerial picture of the tree or trees will also add value to the overall customer experience.

Increasing use of Drones

Modern drones are derived from remote control model aeroplanes which have evolved with increased technology and miniaturisation of optics, processors and electronics to the small, highly technical equipment we have today.  Traditionally drones have been mostly used by the military for surveillance and military missions, however, drones are increasingly becoming more mainstream.  They are now employed by many different industries including agriculture; insurance; photography; infrastructure; surveying wildlife and ecosystem monitoring; construction and search and rescue, naming just a few.  They have even been operated by unions and health and safety bodies to monitor onsite health and safety on construction sites.

Basic Rules for using a Drone

In Australia to fly a drone for any form of economic gain, you must obtain an RPA operator’s certificate and follow the basic rules which came into effect on 29th September 2016.

  • You must only fly during the day, night time flying is prohibited.
  • You must fly no higher than 120 metres above ground level.
  • You must not fly over a populous area such as beaches, parks or sporting ovals.
  • You must not fly within 5.5 km of a controlled aerodrome with an operating tower.
  • You must only fly one drone at a time.

Incorporating Drones into Tree Care

Technology in the arboriculture industry is constantly evolving and Heritage Tree Care endeavours to be at the cutting edge with all their services.  Incorporating the use of a drone into tree work is an incremental process but is proving to be of great benefit to all involved.

Identifying Habitat in Trees

Drones can easily access high trees and therefore can be used to investigate how much and what species of wildlife is inhabiting the tree.  Infrared technology can be used with the drone to find out if there are any mammals or birds living or nesting in tree hollows.  Reptiles and are cold-blooded, and therefore snakes are a little harder to see but it is possible.

Identifying Diseases and Fungus from Above

For Consulting Arborists, drones have made the identification and diagnosis of tree diseases and fungal infections high up in the canopy much easier.  They will be able to see from the ground what is going on in the uppermost branches of the trees without having to climb it thus saving the customer time and money.

Surveying and Mapping

Part of a Consulting Arborist’s job is to survey and map large areas with trees and they write reports on certain trees.  For tree maintenance and management plans, having a drone to take aerial pictures of the surveyed area will be a quick and easy means of doing this again saving the client time and money.

Drones used for planting trees

One of the exciting ways a drone can be used is to plant trees.  This can be done on a small scale on some acreage for example or indeed on a much larger scale, covering hundreds of kilometres of ground and therefore going a long way to reverse deforestation.

Drones in the Tree Care Industry

This is an exciting time in the arboriculture industry; as technology advances and the understanding of how to use it within the industry increases, using drones will benefit and improve services.

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