Creating Your Own Vertical Garden in Brisbane and Beyond

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Gardening with Minimum Time and Space 

With space at a premium, smaller block sizes and general busyness leaving little time to spend cultivating a larger garden, vertical gardens are the ideal way to utilize space and bring some greenery to your property.  This is not a new idea as there is evidence that they were a common feature in ancient civilizations and they are also found naturally in nature.

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What are Vertical Gardens?

Vertical gardens are simply a method to grow plants on walls, taking up less space and are easy to maintain and are gentler on your back (no more bending down to weed the garden beds).  They will also boost your air quality and be a boon for mental and physical health.   Vertical gardening has been done for years by gardeners using trellises to grow climbing plants such as beans and honeysuckle, however, vertical gardens allow non-climbing plants to grow ‘upwards’ and have space on the wall.  There are many types of vertical wall gardens and equipment you can utilise to make your garden, there is no need to go out and spend lots of money as they are quite simple to make.   It’s an excellent way to recycle old furniture, any pieces of wood, craft materials, gutters and even plastic you may have lying around.  If you are time poor, you can, of course, buy ready to go vertical garden systems at a reputable garden centre or hardware store or simply google ‘Vertical Garden Kits’.


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Top Tips for Building a Vertical Garden


  • Choose the wall space well- it must have enough sunlight for the plants to thrive.
  • Do not build them too high, as far as you can reach is ideal for easy maintenance.
  • Make sure whatever you use to build the vertical garden is strong enough to support the weight.
  • The supporting wall must be able to withstand the weight of the moisture.

Find some more tips  here or here:

gardening with succulents brisbaneTypes of Vertical Gardens:

The list is not exhaustive as vertical gardens can be made from any material and with a bit of imagination, half the fun will be in designing.

  • Tray Herb Garden
  • Tower gardens
  • Pallet Tray System
  • Hardware cloth frame
  • Bottle garden
  • Flora felt system
  • Succulent Garden
  • Free Standing Garden
  • Pyramid garden
  • Pallet Planter
  • DIY wall planter
  • Beam planter
  • Stair Garden
  • Shoe Organiser garden
  • PVC Pipe Garden


The simplest way to get create a vertical garden is by using standard gardening pots then hang it on a wall in whatever arrangement you desire.  Although this might take a bit more work to water, the plants can be changed or removed easily and is a great way to grow herbs, seasonal plants and annuals.


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 Green Living Wall

If you really want to go to town and create an amazing wow factor, a green wall is the way to go. For either indoor or outdoor use, green walls can be freestanding or attached to a wall with vegetation covering the entire structure.   You can also do cover smaller sections of walls to create some natural art.


Watering Your Vertical Garden

One of the downsides of a vertical garden is that they will need slightly more maintenance than an in-ground or container garden as being in a more compact space, they will need more watering.  For larger living walls a drip irrigation system may be the best course of action- these can either be simple holes in the bottom of containers to allow water to drip own or a more sophisticated system of hoses and timers.

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