The Lowdown On Watering Trees in Brisbane and Beyond.

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Getting the Balance Right

Water is the driving force of all nature; all trees, both young saplings and mature, well established trees need a certain amount of water to keep them thriving and healthy. Trees need also sunshine, mineral rich soil, room to grow and regular maintenance, however water is by far the most crucial element. It is essential to try to get the watering balance right- not to over water them or indeed under water them as both will be detrimental to the overall health of the tree.

How to tell if a tree needs more or less water?

You can tell if a tree needs water by the leaves- if they look wilted or droopy or are discoloured around the edges. The soil around the tree them can also give you a good idea if it needs water, if the ground is very hard and impacted and you cannot insert a stick into it, then you can be fairly sure the tree could do with some water.

You will know if a tree has been over watered if the leaves are green coloured but brittle. If the ground around the tree is sodden and remains so then leave the watering.

Think About the Climate

Planting the correct tree for the environment is the first step, so if you live in a hot, tropical country you need to plant trees which will survive with less water or be prepared to spend more time watering them which can be impractical in very hot countries where water bans often come into play. The same goes for trees in wet climates; there is little point planting trees which need plenty of sunshine and prefer to have less water.

If you live in a hot tropical climate such as Queensland, be prepared to give your young trees plenty of water during the dry, hot months. It is also savvy to water trees more during a drought and if water is limited, should be watered before grass, trees are a bigger investment and it will take much longer to grow and replace a mature tree lost to drought.

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When Is The Best Time To Water Your Trees?

The best time to water trees is in the morning as this is the time that they will absorb the water most easily. 


Newly Planted Trees or Saplings

When you plant a young tree, regular watering is required so that:

  • The tree will grow a strong and substantial root system
  • Become established in the ground more quickly
  • Not suffer from diseases such as canopy or Forest dieback

A newly planted tree needs approximately 75 litres of water per week. You can do this by pouring buckets of water over the tree’s dripline or by setting up a sprinkler system close to the tree for 30 minutes to 2 hours ( a rough guide is to water trees three times as long as you water your lawn).


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Mature Trees Need Water Too

An established mature tree also needs water but as their root systems are well developed and spread out then once or twice a month should suffice unless during a drought when they will need more. To check if your tree has enough water, dig down to around 6-8 inches- the soil should be damp, and cool to the touch but not wet.

Quality Tree Care Service Brisbane

If you would like to talk to a tree care company who provide a quality and professional tree service, who understand the benefits of proper tree maintenance and have the best interests of the customer and the environment at heart, call the Heritage Tree Care experts on 0737155444 for a free no obligation quote.  Our qualified Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Toowoomba and Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia.