How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden in Brisbane and Beyond.

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Wild Life Friendly Back Yards

Did You Know?

Living in Australia, we are very lucky in that there is a wealth of amazing wildlife to enjoy and a wide variety of tree species for them to live in.  Unfortunately, Australia also has the highest rate of extinction in the world.  Since the arrival of Europeans, at least twenty-four species of bird, seven species of frog, and twenty-seven species of mammal are believed to have become extinct – seventeen more species are listed as ‘likely to become extinct’ in the next twenty years.  Not enough is being done to ameliorate this and of five hundred and forty-eight species which are currently threatened, a third of these are not being tracked and 70% of threatened ecological communities are not being monitored.


Brisbane butterflies

How You Can Help


With our wildlife’s natural habitat being destroyed by development and general urbanization, it is important to do what we can to help our Australian wildlife find a safe space to find a home and thrive.  Even the smallest garden or yard can be utilized and there are many ways and means to invite particular species to share your garden.   With our love of perfectly manicured lawns and exotic ornamental plants, we are unwittingly affecting our living landscape. If you do not have a garden, there are plenty of community initiatives such as council tree planting days  that volunteers can partake in to help the wider environment.

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Ways to Attract Wildlife to your Garden

There are many simple ways to attract birds, insects, reptiles and mammals to your garden and to help support functioning ecosystems.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Plant native trees- This will preserve biodiversity, birds and animals are attracted to certain tree species and native trees will attract many more varieties of wildlife than non-native trees. Birds need to eat insects that live on the native trees. Native trees provide shelter and food including fruits, seed and nuts for a wide variety of wildlife which will attract them.


  • Artificial Hollows- Because natural hollows in trees take so long to develop and are often in old trees that are removed as hazards these hollows inserted into living or dead trees. Arborists use a chainsaw to cut out a face plate from the tree trunk, then create a hollow in the trunk, cover the hollow with the face plate and finally drill a small hole into the tree for the targeted species to enter.  Find our more information here:


  • Nesting boxes- for birds/ bats- variety for different species. If you do not have a suitable tree to create an artificial hollow, then building a nesting box and placing it well away from potential predators is an excellent alternative.


  • Plant Native Plant Species – Like native trees, planting native plants in your garden is a much more ecologically advantageous practice for the native species that rely on them for survival.


  • Grow a hedge- hedges are an amazing resource to shelter and feed birds, mammals and insects (especially butterflies). They are important for bats as their linear nature helps bats move between roosting areas and feeding sites.


  • Cultivate a wilderness area. Dedicate an area of your garden to be a wild section, wildflowers, long grass, weeds and leaves will all encourage wildlife to visit.


  • Stick piles will provide excellent nesting spots.


  • Grow wildflowers to attract butterflies and bees.


  • Install Bee and Insect hotels.


  • Install raised beds with plants that wildlife specifically like to eat.


  • Rock Piles- thermoregulated environments can provide cooler areas, cover and safety for insects and reptiles.


  • Be aware of the effect of outdoor lighting- lighting should always be pointed downwards as this protects skies from ambulant light and reduces light pollution.


  • Install a rain barrel and water features such as a birdbath, old sink or pond with a pump- By utilizing rainwater, you will attract amphibians and  give all local wildlife a water source to drink and bathe in.


Protecting Wildlife in Your Back Yard

Cats are responsible for billions of deaths of birds and mammals each year, always  keep cats indoors or at least put bells on their collars

Avoid using pesticides and they kill the wildlife that is attracted to your garden, including the welcome predators that eat pests.



keep wildlife safe from cats


If you would like advice from a family-owned tree care company who provide a quality and professional tree service, who understand the benefits of proper tree maintenance and have the best interests of the customer and the environment at heart, call the Heritage Tree Care experts on 0737155444 for a free no obligation quote.  We will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Toowoomba and Gold Coast areas in Queensland, Australia.