Looking for Expert Tree Removal Services in Brisbane

There a number of situations where a tree removal service is needed. Unstable, dead or diseased specimens, weed species, trees that present conflicts with buildings or infrastructure, trees that have outgrown their use, new construction or landscape requirements or a desire to have another tree instead.

The removal of a tree is a tricky and dangerous task especially if it is near a house, or power lines, so you should seriously consider consulting the professionals rather than attempting it yourself. Tree removal often requires more than simply felling the tree, we will often dismantle the tree in stages especially if the tree is near a property or if the space is limited.

The Process of Tree Removal

The removal of a tree may seem like a fairly simple task, but there are many safety aspects that need to be considered – Poor planning, inexperience, not having the right tools or personal protective equipment can result is serious injury or even death. Heritage Tree Care takes a serious and planned approach, considering all aspects of safety and risk potential. You can rest assured that we will bring all the necessary tools and skills for the task at hand, including the right safety equipment to complete the task in a timely and safe manor.

Once the tree is removed you may want to consider our stump grinding service to the complete removal process. Our staff will advise you during the quote stage.

Heritage Tree Care Removal Expertise

All of our staff are extremely well trained in tree removal and hold certificates to prove it – to give you complete confidence and peace of mind. The tree removal service we provide is done correctly and all necessary precautions are always taken. We of course aim to be prompt in our service, but there are occasions that we simply cannot perform the task on a particular day, normally due to adverse weather conditions, as the safety of our customers and staff is paramount to us.

The first stage is to call us for a quote, we will then come out to the location and view the situation, and assess the best procedure to employ, which will often vary dependent on the tree and its location.

Once the quote has been accepted and approved, we will dispatch the team on an appropriate day and carry out the task.

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