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Heritage Tree Care has been operating as one of South-East Queensland’s leading providers of Arboricultural Services since 1994, and a recent expansion of our consultancy division places us in a unique position, covering all aspects of the industry, and offering leading and innovative tree care solutions.

We  employ multiple AQA Level 5 Arborists who have extensive experience in all aspects of Arboriculture boasting a range of skills and specialist areas of expertise that place us as one of the leading tree care provider in Brisbane and beyond.

To further compliment this industry leading collection of qualified Arborist’s we also have an Agronomist spearheading our plant health care solutions. With an understanding that the majority of amenity tree issues relate to problems with the trees growing environments, our ability to provide a comprehensive service is second to none.

By understanding the needs and the problems faced by the urban amenity tree population we can better serve our clients by offering a comprehensive advisory service that is proven to have a success rate that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Our ability to diagnose tree related issues not just above ground via standard and widely accepted arboricultural industry practices, but below ground through soil biology and chemistry analysis and remediation, results in healthier trees, and healthy trees equal lower risks, reduced maintenance costs, and increased aesthetic and amenity values.

We also offer innovative solutions to assist with your development project, whether you are a private residential homeowner, a commercial developer or a local /state government asset manager, we have an innovative permeable paving solution to suit your needs.

From erosion control and domestic driveways, constructing public footpaths and roads around existing trees, to large scale construction of carparks and all other types of urban infrastructure we can provide a solution that offers a load bearing surface that works in harmony with the existing trees.

These solutions will provide a long-lasting structure that will add value to your project by retaining important tree assets in good health and condition and won’t suffer from lifting, cracking and displacement like commonly used concrete and bitumen surfaces.

We are also leading providers of Water Urban Sensitive Design (WUSD) solutions for urban tree management. With drought conditions becoming more common the catchment and utilisation of our important water resource plays a valuable role in the urban landscape.

We can offer unique and innovative design solutions to make the most of natural rain fall events for the benefit of the urban environment, and applied holistically with other design considerations and solutions, can realise significant reductions in ongoing maintenance and management costs.


Meet the Consultancy Team:

Andrew McLennan

Andrew’s area of speciality is in the diagnostics and remediation of soil health issues on tree growth and tree health in Urban environments. Andrew holds a Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture) from Charles Stuart University and has, for his career so far, focused on soil science and how loss of soil health impacts plant growth and health. With over 27 years in the field of Agronomy, Andrew has spent the last 15 years studying plant/soil biological systems and how we can use natural systems and inputs to restore soil health and plant health. The last two years, Andrew’s skill set has been used in conjunction with practising Arborist’s to offer an advanced tree care system for high pressure growing environments such as Urban forestry.

David Norton:

David began his journey in the Arboricultural industry in the South of England in the early 1990’s and having developed a keen interest in trees working as a trainee Arborist attended Merrist Wood College and completed the Diploma of Arboriculture. David continued to work as a climbing Arborist in the South of England developing high level climbing skills as well becoming at great hedge trimmer at national trust properties such as Polesdon Lacey and private gardens alike. After a 6-month work stint in Denver, Colorado, U.S. David secured a position in SA and from there went on to develop his skills as a consulting Arborist gaining recognition with the South Australian Society of Arboriculture (SASA) for 10 years’ service to the industry in SA. Since then David’s career has seen him spend time in NSW where he worked as a Municipal Arborist for Randwick City Council (Tree Preservation and Maintenance Coordinator) as well as private companies as contracts manager. Having been in Brisbane Qld since 2012 David has continued to work as a Consulting Arborist throughout SE QLD before joinng the Heritage Tree Care team . David’s broad experiences throughout the tree care industry in both the private and public sector allow a holistic approach to urban tree management and David has, for many years, maintained a keen interest in the field of Conservation Arboriculture, specifically Veteran Tree Management and its application on important ageing and historical trees in urban settings.

Daniel Oaten:

Daniel Oaten has been involved in the Arboricultural industry for the past 39 years. He started his career in the New Zealand forest service and gained his qualification as a Woodman and subsequently became a Forester. He has progressed his career from managing and harvesting forests to becoming an Arborist in the early 1990s. Daniel has provided Tactical and Strategic Management and Arboricultural Consultancy services to Utilities, Municipality, Local Government, Government departments and commercial markets in over 10 countries throughout his career. Daniel’s passion lies in creating, researching and accentuating innovative technologies that connects urbanisation with the environment. Part of his role within Heritage Tree Care is the senior Arborist / Research and Development Manager for the Urban Soils and Science Research section. This section has been created to research, develop products and services that help to promote Environmental advancement such as sustainable recycling and waste harvesting of field operations, soil science, Water Urban Sensitive Design (WUSD) and porous surfacing technologies, tree supports and anchoring.

Katia Plouznikoff

Katia is a highly experienced and respected soil biologist specialised in soil microbiology applied to agronomy, she has worked on several research projects aiming to sustainably improve crop cultures with the help of beneficial soil microorganisms. As an agronomist Katia carries out plant tissue analyses to investigate poisoning, contamination and nutrient deficiencies. Interpretation of soil tests and analyses combined with literature research allowed her to previously develop and implement biotechnologies for plant health care treatments such as microbial brewed compost and active mycorrhizal inoculum.

Katia is keen to increase tree survival rates and promote a better tree management with sustainable organic practices to help make our environment greener.