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June 6, 2017
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June 26, 2017
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Removing a Tree with Health Problems

Ideally, tree maintenance should be a non-negotiable part of a yearly upkeep budget for both homeowners or companies who own or manage commercial properties. Regular maintenance of your trees will save you money and effort overall.   However, despite regular maintenance, trees can sometimes succumb to disease or insect infestation causing them to eventually become structurally unsound and unsafe.  An unsafe tree which poses a risk to people or property will ultimately result in the need for the complete removal of the tree. Luckily, as trees are organic, every part of them can be recycled and repurposed and the practice of tree chipping and turning the chip into Aged Forest Mulch will retain the usefulness of the tree as it will bring excellent health benefits to other trees and plants.

Chipping Wood Safely

Once the decision has been made to remove the tree, it is important the correct steps should be followed.  This dangerous task should never be carried out by yourself or indeed an unqualified tree lopper, but rather always ensure that it is a fully insured and qualified Arborist who will perform the job.

Once the tree has been removed safely and to Australian Standards, the question is what to do with the tree.  There are a number of options:

  • Tree chipping
  • Repurpose into firewood, stakes or furniture
  • Leave for natural habitat creation or termite food.

Tree Chipping

Chipping your trees and branches is an environmentally sound means to recycle.  Using a specially designed mobile wood chipper, the trees can be chipped on site, quickly reducing the branches and debris into wood chips.  The chips can be used as they are for decorative purposes or can be dyed your preferred colour to enhance your garden or match a colour scheme.  You can read how to dye your own wood chips or mulch here.

Using Mulch to Help Trees and Plants Flourish

With time and effort these chips can then be turned into Aged Forest Mulch to be used in garden beds and around the trees.  The mulching process can take months or even years to create a top quality Aged Forest Mulch.  An aged mulch that is full of good bacteria and beneficial properties and that is carefully placed over the surface is soil is beneficial for a number of reasons:

Benefits of Mulch

  • Improve health of tree.
  • Reduce water loss from soil.
  • Minimize weed competition.
  • Improve soil structure.

Important rules to follow

  • When mulching around a tree it is essential that the mulch should never touch the trunk of the tree as the moist bark invites rot, insects and vermin which will shorten the life of the tree. A tree should always have its root flare visible, with the bark exposed enabling it to stay dry and breathe.
  • The mulch should never be deeper than two inches as overly deep mulching prevents rainwater from reaching the roots.



Repurposing Your Wood

Wood is such an amazing and versatile product it can be recycled and reused in a variety of valuable ways from helping to heat your home through firewood  to more long-term uses such as stakes for vegetable gardens.  If you have good quality wood it can be for all kinds of furniture projects from garden seats and tables.  A qualified Arborist will be able to advise whether the wood is suitable for a larger project and recommend a tree company can offer a quality Lucas Milling service.

Leaving Logs and Stumps for Natural Habitat Creation.

Log piles and branches are a perfect habitat for small mammals and reptiles to use as a shelter and food source so if you wish to attract wildlife into your garden, having a natural area with branches, logs and stumps is a good way to encourage them.  Read our blog for more ideas on creating a natural habitat including building nesting boxes from recycled wood.  Tree stumps that are placed well away from your house or buildings are attractive to termites and an ideal way to distract them from coming close to your property as they will have enough food to prevent them from searching for supplementary food sources.




When a tree needs to be removed there are so many ways that it can be effectively recycled.  At Heritage Tree Care we are fully equipped to provide expert advice and solutions for all your tree care dilemmas including tree removal, chipping, mulching to making stakes and Lucas Milling.

Tree Removal, Tree Chipping and Tree Mulching Service in Brisbane

If you would like to talk to a tree care company who provide a quality and professional tree service, who understand the benefits of proper tree maintenance and have the best interests of the customer and the environment at heart, call the Heritage Tree Care experts on 0737155444 for a free no obligation quote.  Our qualified Arborists will be delighted to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.  We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Toowoomba and Gold Coast areas in Queensland, Australia.