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The primary reason someone may call for our services is that they have concerns with the health of a tree or plant. It could be something as simple as leaf discoloration, or that the tree has lost all of its foliage.

In most situations the answer is simple and easily explained, with the consultation of the experts at Heritage Tree Care, you can be sure we provide you with the advice and recommended the necessary services to fix the issue.

There are however certain occasions that require further investigation and in some cases, a treatment plan that can span over years.

Tree Health:

Preventative solutions are the key where possible. Heritage Tree Care offers a tree care service to solve your problems. We can monitor, recommend, supervise provide the solution for any given tree.

If you want to save the life of a tree or plant, we are the people to talk to!

Tree Care:

While trees generally play the larger part of any given landscape, or garden, they play a real part in the health of other plants, insects and animals underneath the ground and all the way up to the top of its canopy, after all, they all share a common ground, all its nutrients, and of course the sun.

The roots of trees really are the larger picture when you look at a tree you see just a small part of what it actually consists of, being a web of roots have the potential travel twice the height of the tree in distance affecting not only the landscape but other trees and plants also.

Plant Health are Brisbane


Trees and other plants obviously account for a large part what makes a beautiful garden but they also provide shade and in for most plant species cases, they actually provide health benefits, like fruit and seeds to eat but they also create the vital element of oxygen.

Our trained Arborists have studied and are qualified not only in looking after the appearance of the landscape; they can also help you assess dangers that may need addressing before they become a problem. We will also make suggestions on species and the placement of plants that work and live well together, to avoid issues in the long run.


We are equipped with various specialised equipment to perform necessary treatments and remediation works including but not limited to:

  • Root Plate injector: This delivers prescribed organic liquids directly into the root zone area and is a great fertilisation method, the pressurised delivery also helps break up compaction within the root zone area
  • Air spade: This tool is used for investigation, decompaction and to access the root zone area without damaging tree roots.

At Heritage Tree Care we keep two 500ltre worm farms for the production of worm caste and compost. This is added to prescribed treatments.

Action Plans:

There is no real standard plan as all landscapes vary in size and tree requirements and plant or tree variations. We will assess your landscape and tree needs and recommend a suitable and sustainable plan of action suggest either annual visits or as in some cases the visits will need to be more frequent, dependent on the complexity of your garden. We will advise you what we think is necessary and continually monitor the need for us to pop around.

There are many aspects to consider with any long-term health care plan, from lawn care and treatments to preventative actions such a tree pruning lopping and irrigation, it is often the case that trees or plants are over watered.

After we have visited you, we will make recommendations detailing suggestions on all aspects of the garden and detail what needs to be done and over what time frame, based on your aspirations, budget and goals.

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