Sustainable Practices

Heritage Tree Care Sustainable Practices

Strong Environmental Policy

At Heritage Tree Care we are focused on sustainability and preservation and we strive to maintain the highest standards of Arboriculture to bring our clients the utmost in tree care and land management. Raising the levels of environmental awareness throughout our workforce and promoting this awareness to our customers and suppliers is high on Heritage Tree Care’s list of priorities.

New employees are briefed on the company’s Environmental Management Plan and trained on environmental practice in the field and clients are actively encouraged to take advantage of our commitment to recycle all arising waste material at job sites.


Our sustainability practices include:


Recycling 100 % of our wood waste products.   Wood can be recycled into a wide variety of products it makes it an invaluable recycling material.

  • It reduces environmental impact as less waste ends up in landfill thus reducing air and water pollution.
  • It saves money by reducing energy costs.


Lucas Milling

One of the main ways we achieve this is using the Lucas sawmill to create a number of products including:


  • Slabs for making furniture.
  • Bollards for parks and gardens
  • Planks for fences and retaining walls
  • Stakes for garden beds.


Aged Forest Mulch

Creating Aged Forest Mulch from wood chippings and leaf matter is another important sustainable practice at Heritage Tree Care.  Once the mulch has matured and is full of good bacteria, we re-use on various landscaping, planting and plant health care projects.  It has many benefits including:


  • Helps improve the overall health of tree.
  • Helps to reduce water loss from the soil.
  • Minimizes weed competition.
  • Improves soil structure.



Recycling Wood to Use as Art


Repurposing wood as art is a growing passion of the Heritage Tree Care team.  Talented Brisbane Artist Mark Mackhoul works at the Heritage Tree Care main depot creating amazing customized art pieces using wood.  Repurposing wood into a beautiful piece of art is a practice and skill passed down over many generations in many different cultures.  Mark is keen to use his art to raise awareness of Australiana wildlife and nature, his inspiration comes from the world around him and specifically Australian native animals, insects and flora.

The art is often placed in play environments where kids can see it, touch it, while enjoying the aesthetic and educational aspect.


Habitat Creation

Wood can also be re-purposed to build nesting boxes for various birds and mammals in gardens, parks and even commercial areas.